Navajo Employee OS&D Store ---- Inventory Changes Regularily
Navajo Employee OS&D Store ---- Inventory Changes Regularily
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Hello Navajo Employees,

This online store is available to all employees and drivers.  The items listed are a result of cargo claims.

99% of the products have no damage except maybe the packaging. 

All sales are final.  Orders will be pulled within 2-3 days from notification of the order.

Orders on the site are automatically set up for pickup at Denver.

Orders from other terminals will be sent via a truck heading your direction.

You may also elect to pay for shipping, and we will ship directly to you via UPS or Fed-Ex. 

There is a payment plan set up for 4 equal payments.

Inventory is kept in real time and is updated after each purchase.

If you create an account, you will be notified when new products are listed.  Be the first to know - Register Online.


Happy Shopping